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Investment Fund Series A-1

Product Details

HRU MIC Investment Fund Series A-1 provides mortgage borrowing solutions to Canadian Citizens, New Immigrants, and Non-Immigrants. Through property security on first mortgages only, the fund focuses on the purchase or refinance of owner-occupied properties. This solution utilizes the seniority of debt to maximize our return and minimize our risk. All securities are the primary position of charge; chances of default and loss are significantly low. Our loan to value on the portfolio is a maximum of 75% with 70% for condominiums, directly competing against trust and union lenders.


- Risk Tolerance -


- Maximum Offering-


- Minimum Investment-


- Management Fee -

Non-Reg & Reg

- Suitable Account -


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- Distribution -

Sept. 2017

- Inception Date -

Secured Assets

HRU MIC Investment Fund Series A-1 is designed to diversely invest in quality real estate property located in the greater ontario area. Historical Portofio Detail Below:

Loan To Value

Loan to Value is the ratio between mortgages and property market value, the best-managed loan to value can significantly lower risk for our investors and secure asset value against investment. HRU MIC Investment Fund A-1 concentrates its loan-to-value at approximately 75%, for example, if the borrower has a property appraised at $1 million, the maximum summation of all mortgages is around $750,000. It effectively decreases the mortgage default risk.

Property Distribution

Our Invested Properties are across Ontario, this risk management method of geographical diversification lowers our risk of market fluctuation drastically. Historical Data are below:

Real-Time Performance Tracker

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